Unable to disable settings on the security tab in an IE10 GPP

I finally got MS to make a hotfix for this. Only took about 10 months ­čÖé
The problem was that F5-F8 buttons didn't disable/enable the settings on the security tab when creating an Internet Explorer 10 GPP in a GPO.

With this hotfix installed, it works.


ManagedBy in Administrators by GPO/GPP

This is a neat solution, that doesn't use any script, to add the managedBy user on the computer object to the local Administrators group.
Or Remote Desktop Users or any other group you like, of course...

It's easy to limit the usage with the help of Security Filtering or OU structure.

GPO: Preferences -> Control Panel Settings -> Local Users and Groups
New -> Local Group

Local Group tab
Group name: Administrators (Built-In)
Members: %managedByUser%

Common tab
[x] Item-level targeting
-> [Targeting...]
New Item -> LDAP Query
Filter: (&(objectCategory=computer)(objectClass=computer)(cn=%ComputerName%))
Binding: LDAP:
Attribute: managedBy
Environment variable name: managedBy

New Item -> LDAP Query
Filter: (&(objectCategory=user)(objectClass=user)(distinguishedName=%managedBy%))
Binding: LDAP:
Attribute: sAMAccountName
Environment variable name: managedByUser

Edit. Happy to see in the comments that some people┬áhave found┬áthis post and have use for it ­čÖé