Run client actions with vbs

' Set the required variables.
sSoftwareMetering = "Software Metering Usage Report Cycle"
sMachinePolicy = "Request & Evaluate Machine Policy"
sUpdatesSource = "Updates Source Scan Cycle"
sUserPolicy = "Request & Evaluate User Policy"
sHardwareInventory = "Hardware Inventory Collection Cycle"
sSoftwareInventory = "Software Inventory Collection Cycle"
sApplicationEvaluation = "Application Global Evaluation Task"
sSoftwareUpdates = "Software Updates Assignments Evaluation Cycle"
sDiscoveryData = "Discovery Data Collection Cycle"
sMSISourceUpdate = "MSI Product Source Update Cycle"
sFileCollection = "Standard File Collection Cycle"

' Create the CPAppletMgr instance.
Set controlPanelAppletManager = CreateObject("CPApplet.CPAppletMgr")

' Get the available ClientActions object.
Set clientActions = controlPanelAppletManager.GetClientActions()

' Loop through the available client actions. Run the matching client action when it is found.
For Each clientAction In clientActions
    If clientAction.Name = sUpdatesSource Then
    ElseIf clientAction.Name = sSoftwareUpdates Then
    End If
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