Packages missing Binary Delta Replication

A report to show which packages is missing Binary Delta Replication checkbox.

SELECT PackageID, Manufacturer, Name, Version,
WHEN PkgFlags & 0x04000000 = 0x04000000 THEN 'Yes'
END AS 'Use Binary Delta Rep'
FROM v_Package
WHERE PkgFlags & 0x04000000 != 0x04000000
AND PackageType = 0


  • 0 Regular software distribution package.
  • 3 Driver package.
  • 4 Task sequence package.
  • 5 Software update package.
  • 6 Device setting package.
  • 257 Image package.
  • 258 Boot image package.
  • 259 Operating system install package.


  • 0x01000000 (24) DO_NOT_DOWNLOAD. Do not download the package to branch distribution points, as it will be pre-staged.
  • 0x02000000 (25) PERSIST_IN_CACHE. Persist the package in the cache.
  • 0x04000000 (26) USE_BINARY_DELTA_REP. Marks the package to be replicated by distribution manager using binary delta replication.
  • 0x10000000 (28) NO_PACKAGE. The package does not require distribution points.
  • 0x20000000 (29) USE_SPECIAL_MIF. This value determines if Configuration Manager uses MIFName, MIFPublisher, and MIFVersion for MIF file status matching. Otherwise, Configuration Manager uses Name, Manufacturer, and Version for status matching. For more information, see the Remarks section later in this topic.
  • 0x40000000 (30) DISTRIBUTE_ON_DEMAND. The package is allowed to be distributed on demand to branch distribution points.


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